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Welcome to Twisted Skateboards

Twisted Skateboards is an online Skate/Clothing Brand serving customers worldwide.

We strive to bring shoppers uniquely Twisted Decks and clothing, from design to concept. 

We also offer custom hand painted decks and completes, and straight to our customers’ doorstep.

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Janaki Amand, Evan Lancaster, Hannah Hartnett, Zach Buckholz, Tristan Nall, Ryan Watkins, David Rodriguez, Zamarion Rivas & Jarrett Brandt.

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Shipping Delays

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any information regarding your order.® is available Sunday-Monday 24 hours. Please Note that all orders subject to delays due to many factors not limited to material supplier delays, larger than normal volume of sales, and being understaffed.

Rush orders are currently unavailable during our busy season

*All order's are subject to delay's.

*Skateboards , will come with assorted stained colors or natural wood on the top and middle ply. We cannot take color requests on the stained veneer.

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Gear For Grades

(Grades 5th-12th)

Gear For Grades was created by Twisted Skateboards & Sk806andPark.

Our goal is to have our youth push themselves academically to make the grade.

Gear For Grades is currently only offered in the U.S.

ALL Honor Rollers will be placed in a drawing to win! 

Each Category has its own drawing.

Let all of your hard work pay off with Gear for Grades.

A Honor Roll = 1 Complete + 20% off of ALL Twisted Skateboards Gear & Merch for a year.

A B Honor Roll = 1 Deck + 15% off of ALL Twisted Skateboards Gear & Merch for a year.

B's & C's = 1 Shirt or Sticker Pack. 



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Our Local Ski, Wake & Skateshop.


Skateboards, Clothing & Apparel is available for immediate pickup at our local Ski, Wake & Skateboard Shop in Lubbock, TX

3403 34th Street

Lubbock, TX 79410 

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About Our Store


Twisted Skateboards is a Single Mom owned, Veteran owned, LG(B)T owned and Black Owned Skateboarding/Apparel Brand based in Lubbock, TX.

We were mentioned in Thrasher Magazine, Transworld Skate and Dew Tour Mag in June of 2020.

We were mentioned in Buzz Feed in July of 2020.

Twisted Skateboards technically started in 2018. I have been customizing and hand painting decks for children out of the back of an SUV.

Also providing more options for female skaters.

In April of 2020, i decided to take the next step and make my own Skating and Apparel Brand.

Locally I currently still sell out of the back of my SUV in hopes to raise money for my family as well as my chosen charities.

My merchandise is also available at:

Troy's Ski Supply in Lubbock, TX.

3403 34th Street

Lubbock, TX 79410

This extreme sports store has a skate shop inside and they have many other things to offer. They offer products for skiing, surfing, skating, ect. They are the best in town!

My goal is to provide Twisted & Uniquely Designed Decks that are something special to you.

Offering Decks to ride and hand painted art decks for wall art. As well as Clothing & Apparel.

Last but not least,

Twisted Skateboards gives back.

A percentage of the proceeds are donated to charity with each purchase and/or put towards our local community for those in need.

All donations to Twisted Skateboards, go towards helping our Brand grow as well as helping underprivileged kids and adults in our community.

It is our passion to help more than just the Skate Community. 

We appreciate and humbly thank you for your support.

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Our Return Policy

The Small Print

ALL SALES ARE FINAL (If you need to cancel your order, please contact us via email or Whatsapp.)

Compensation? We do not offer any compensation for orders that are delayed. will accept returns for delaminations of decks ONLY.

All defective items must be returned and taken a picture of to determine delamination. We take pictures prior to shipping out as well.

You will have 48 hours from the delivery date to make claims. All returned items require a return authorization number. Any items returned without an authorization number will be refused and sent back.

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About The Owner

The Alternative Artist

"Tiffany Twisted" was born in December of 1990.

She is a US Navy Veteran.

She is a single mother residing in Lubbock, Texas.

She has had a love for skateboarding since she was small.

She was raised in Acuff, TX, a small town just outside of Lubbock.

Shortly after finding out that her daughter was also interested in skateboarding, she began helping her practice.

When she was unable to find a Deck and apparel that best suited her daughter and herself at a local skate shop, she decided to customize one herself. After this, she customized more decks for little girls and decks for wall art.

Twisted started selling her decks from the back of an SUV in 2018. Though Twisted did not have an official brand name yet.

The Twisted Skateboards name stems from her IG personality name Tiffany Twisted. Tiffany Twisted's name comes from one of her favorite songs growing up. A verse from "Hotel California" by The Eagles.

Her hand painted custom deck she made for her daughter attracted attention on social media and more than anything she loved making it.

Though she skates very little due to injuries from a past accident, she holds her love for skateboarding close to her through her Brand and is occasionally seen cruising on her skateboard.

She decided to make an Online Skate Brand Co. in April of 2020 during quarantine.

With very little support from locals, she decided to expand her availability to other states as well as other countries. A brand that serves and accepts everyone.

"You ain't gotta skate to kick it!" Twisted often says.

She is devoted to giving back to charities. A percentage of each item sold, goes to one of her chosen charities.

She is an Ex Foster Kid, and plans to work closely with the foster system in both Lubbock and Ohio.

Twisted has 12 years of art experience.

She is known for her dark, crude and sometimes flat out TWISTED humor.

She is a comedic blogger on IG and works full time. 

IG: @tiffanytwisted00

In her free time she customizes boards, works out, sketches and skates.

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Contact Us

Are you a local interested in store pick up? Or need more information? Get in touch today.

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